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Electric Motor, Gear Box and Speed Reducer The main functions of the bearings in electric motors are to support and reduce frictions. Thus, characteristics such as precision and noise of the bearings will directly affect their ap... Read More
Automotive Industry Bearings are the building blocks of vehicles since they are found throughout a vehicle's frame along with other major components inside, and these bearings come in a wide variety of s... Read More
Motorcycle Industry Large numbers of bearings are built in motorcycles, including in the engine, the transmission and the wheels. These bearings support a motorcycle's running, and help to reduce fricti... Read More
Agricultural Machinery Agricultural machinery requires corrosion resistance, better sealingfor contaminated conditions, increased load capacity, provisions for misalignment, extreme temperature resistance and e... Read More
Steel Industry Most smelting machines operate under high temperature, high load and high pollution conditions. Harsh working environment needs bearings with special properties. TIK special bearings ... Read More
Mining Industry No matter in the initial design stage or in the application site, we have rich experience to provide solutions. Mining equipment has been working in hard environment for a long time, bea... Read More
Construction Machinery The construction industry demands high-capacity machinery capable of performing construction projects efficiently. In order to achieve and guarantee this level of efficiency, constructio... Read More
Household Appliance Household appliance bearings require characteristicsof smooth ration, low noise and low energy consumption. TIKbearing for home appliances can meet the low-noise requirement and has ch... Read More
Food Processing Machinery The food processing machinery that produce food products must be safe and sanitary.One feature of these machines is that many of them are custom-made to bring out the particular qualitie... Read More
Textile Machinery Textile bearings have characteristics of continuous long-time working, long-life, low-noise, small-vibration, small-torque and high-speed ect. TIKbearings for textile machinery can be ... Read More
Robotics The bearings used in robotic applications must be high precision with good rotational accuracy and reliability. Articulated robotic arms, for example, require bearings in the rotary join... Read More
Renewable Energy Renewable energy refers to non fossil energy such as wind energy, solar energy, hydro energy, biomass energy and geothermal energy etc, which is clean, green and low-carbon energy. It is... Read More
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